Timing Belt or chain - Camshaft drive system

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About TimingBeltorChain.net

TimingBeltorChain.net explains the differences between a vehicle engine. More precisely, it is about the camshaft drive and the question of whether it is driven by a timing chain or a toothed belt.

Why is this information so important?

Timing belt

A toothed belt that drives the camshaft / camshafts of an engine is a car part which in most cases should be replaced after a specified time or kilometers / miles driven. For this purpose, the car manufacturers specify an interval for their gasoline and diesel engines that the driver must listen to in order not to risk engine damage. The change intervals depend on the engine and looks very important. In the past timing belts were less durable than they are today. For example, some engines in the BMW 3 Series E30 series, the timing belts functionally change at 60 thousand kilometers. More modern engines with a toothed belt drive, such as that of a Volkswagen Golf 7, have to be changed every thousand kilometers. Nowadays there are also motors with a toothed belt that last a long motor life.

Timing chain

In most cases, a timing chain lasts the life of the engine and in contrast to most timing belt engines would be cheaper to maintain. In the past, however, there were car models with a timing chain motor that caused more problems and headaches for their owners. These include, for example, the 1.2 and 1.4 TSI engines of the VW EA111 series from the Volkswagen Group, in which the timing chain was skipped and caused engine damage or high repair costs.